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Cyber Teens Helpline Team


About is Cyber Teens Helpline

Cyber Teens Helpline is managed by skilled teenagers as volunteers who are truly dedicated and passionated. They try to provide the necessary guidelines and mental support on call time to a victim of cyberbullying. To help victims verbally and immediately in emergency situations Cyber Teens Helpline Number is available 24/7 hours. Callers’ identity will be completely unexposed.

Why should I become a helpline volunteer?

The main goal of the helpline volunteers would be to listen to the teenage victims of cyberbullying affectionately and give them proper suggestions.
Helpline volunteers must have patience and empathy toward the victims of cyberbullying. Any teenager and youth can join Cyber teens as a helpline volunteer if they want to bring a change for the society and to prevent cyber bullying.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

01999109333 is our helpline number. It has its uniqueness indicating three sets of emergency numbers. Firstly, 999 is our National Emergency Service; secondly, 109 is used as our national Helpline Centre for Violence Against Women and Children and lastly, 333 is used to get help from Government Social Services.

No, for now our service is only within Bangladesh.

The training provided to our volunteers will ensure you are qualified to be a helpline volunteer.

You need to give at least 3 hours a day for 3 month sessions of volunteering. As it’s voluntary work, you will not be paid financially for your efforts. But you will get appreciation and peace tour.

Of course yes. All our helpline volunteers can work remotely at their convenience and we will provide the equipment.

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What does a helpline volunteer do?

  • Go through grooming & training sessions to pass as an helpline volunteer.
  • Receive calls from victims after training by phone or text.
  • In case of emergency where immediate action is needed, inform the head office of Cyber Teens.
  • Of course, talk patiently and empathetically with the victim and keep notes of his/her data.
  • You can give any plan or suggestion or mental support for the victim with your own skills.

What qualities do I need to have?

  • Good Listener                                            
  • Active Talker                                       
  • Empathetic
  • Passionate to support
  • Committed to help others
  • Positive attitude
  • Ability to clear communication
  • Desire to bring a positive change

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