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Sadat Rahman international digital wellbeing summit

Attending the International Digital Wellbeing Summit by SYNC Ithra

From the duration of March 27 to March 31, our founder and president Sadat Rahman and communication officer Iqbal Samin Prithul joined the International Digital Wellbeing Summit by SYNC at the Kind Abdul Aziz Center for World Culture (Ithra) in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.

Sadat Rahman Cyber Teens Digital Wellbeing Summit

The theme of the summit was “In Pursuit of the Digital Truth”. It gathered an incredible group of speakers from over 60 countries which included tech innovators, global policy makers, advocates and young leaders. Founders and Co-founders of Netflix, Childnet International, Common Sense Media, LookUp.Live, withVR, #HALFTHESTORY, End Now Foundation as well as the CEO of ChildNet International and The Digital Wellness Institute were present at the event among many of the amazing speakers.

Sadat Rahman was invited by Ithra to join the summit as a speaker at the panel “Cyberbullying: Online Identity and Offline Harm” to discuss the modern issue of cyberbullying and his activities to prevent it with the founder of End Now Foundation, Anil Rachamalla, TV host, activist and filmmaker Darieth Chisolm and National Convenor of Indian National Congress, Hasiba B. Amin. The panel discussion was joined by over 300 participants at the theatre of Ithra.

The summit sparked an amazing movement about digital wellbeing and brought light to the positive and negative effects of our modern digital life.

#SYNCsummit #DigitalWellbeing

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