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Bipul Mandal in 2020

This is the story of a 12-year-old boy who lives in a remote area of Satkhira district of Bangladesh. His name is Bipul. His father was a farmer in their village, and his mother was a housewife.

Bipul was very fond of his elder sister Beauty Mandal. Beauty Mandal was a talented and brave girl. She excelled in her studies as well as in other extracurricular in spite of her family’s situation. She used to draw and paint beautiful pictures too.

Meanwhile, Sadat Rahman and his team were working on Cyber ​​Teens at the small town of Narail at that time. Around the same time, Beauty Mandal fell victim to cyberbullying. Like a strong girl, she tried to protect herself from this situation & tried to get out of it. She reached out to many people, including her teacher, the village chairman and even the local police. But receiving no help, she felt depressed and started to get separated from everyone at home and school. At one point she sadly gave up and committed suicide.

Beauty Mandal’s family lived below the poverty line and could not afford to pay for their children’s education. The family broke down even more from Beauty Mandal’s death. Sadat Rahman and his team visited the victim’s house to observe the incident. The Cyber Teens team saw that the family of Beauty Mandal lived in a very remote area where cars could not enter. The roads were full of mud and there was barely any space to walk. There are no water source or tube-wells in the village. They used to store rainwater and drink it.

After observing the incident & watching the poverty of the family, Cyber ​​Teens promised to Beauty Mandal and Bipul’s parents that they would help. Exactly 2 months later, the founder of Cyber ​​Teens Sadat Rahman received the “International Child Peace Prize 2020”, and took charge of Bipul’s education expenses. Sadat arranged an opportunity to admit Bipul into a well-known boarding school.

Fast forward to 2022, the loving younger brother of Beauty Mandal, is now 12 years old. Now Bipul’s dream is to study well and serve the country as an ideal citizen.






Sadat’s team went to the Beauty Mandal home and recorded a documentary
After receiving the International Children’s Peace Prize 2020, Sadat arranged Bipul’s admission to “Satkhira Public School and College”

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